Welcome to Englishly!

Writing again was a big ambition of mine since finishing university, but the demanding nature of being an English teacher, and deciding what to write about, soon became overwhelming. So, why not write about what I do?

This blog explores the every day issues and highs that teachers are currently facing within education. My school is an inner city school, which is incredibly multicultural with a huge variety of backgrounds, providing a very unique range of perspectives on many issues, and also produces a plethora of decisions to make when approaching teaching each and every student.

My background is linguistics and TEFL, so having the opportunity to create relevant non-fiction is very exciting!

I hope you enjoy reading my reflections, and that they provide some reassurance, or perhaps food for thought.

Published by itspimmsoclock

Secondary school English teacher based in the UK. Writing about the stresses and strains, but also of course joys and highlights of teaching English and TEFL.

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